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Improve your home's security with new or upgraded locks from Perkins Lock & Security. We perform many services for home owners.
    Perkins Lock & Security carries high-quality residential locks in a variety of finishes.
    Perkins Lock & Security can almost always de-code your lock and make a brand-new key even if all of your keys have been lost. However, it's a good idea to re-key your lock instead so if your lost key is found, it will no longer open your doors.
    Many times people think they need to change their locks if they've lost their keys or just want to change their old keys. Many times it is possible to just re-key your lock instead of installing a new one. We can re-key your lock to a new key, so the old keys won't work. We can also key a new heavy duty knob lock, lever or deadbolt to your original key or to a new one. In fact, if all of your locks have the same keyway they can usually be re-keyed to all use the same key (keyed alike).
    When we re-key your locks or install new ones, we can cut extra keys for you on-site.