Safe Locks & Services

Perkins Lock & Security services most kinds of safes - opening them, changing combinations, repairing them or replacing dials, keys, etc. We work on fire safes, gun safes, electronic safes, dial safes, vintage safes, etc.


If you want to have a smaller keyring, try our very Heavy Duty padlocks specifically made to accept some brands of door keys. We can key them into your masterkey system as well so you're not just replacing one key with another.

Door Closers

Door closers often need to be adjusted or replaced to avoid smashed fingers, injuries, and angry people. Perkins Lock & Security will service your door closers to protect your facility and the people in it.

Fire Codes

Fire codes are not a problem for Perkins Lock & Security. Our experienced locksmith has been fulfilling those codes for over 25 years.

ADA Regulations

Perkins Lock & Security knows ADA regulations and have worked with them since they went into effect in 1991. We can make sure your doors and locks are ADA compliant.