Security in the business environment can be a tough issue. Perkins Lock & Security offers services for everything from retail store environments to large business complexes of all sorts to help you protect your property. We have been securing Wisconsin for more than 25 years and stay on top of new developments to provide you with the best possible service.

Registered Masterkey Systems

Registered masterkey systems can greatly simplify your security situation. A masterkey system lets you give each employee access only to the areas you want. Everyone can have only one key, but they open different doors - or even our heavy-duty padlocks. Your one masterkey opens all the doors. The system is tailored to your specific situation and needs. Multi-level systems are available, and Perkins Lock & Security can modify and update your existing masterkey system as well.

All keys in a Perkins Lock & Security masterkey system are stamped with a number corresponding to your master list – letting you know what doors it will open. Keys are cut on special 'Do Not Duplicate' blanks to prevent unauthorized duplications. Duplicate keys are available with just a phone call from a person you've authorized and trust.

If the need to change your system arises, our locksmith has a thorough understanding of masterkey systems. He can re-configure your system when needed.

Perkins Lock & Security uses some of the most accurate high-precision key-cutting machines in the industry to provide you with keys comparable to the factory originals. We can duplicate keys or cut them by code if you do not have a key available.

High-Security Lock Systems

The PRIMUS double locking system, one of the top three rated systems in the country, keeps what you own more secure. The special patented keyway makes it extremely difficult for others to duplicate keys from this system. PRIMUS locks are even stronger than other heavy duty locks we normally sell.

Excellent Quality Locks

Perkins Lock & Security offers very high-quality levers, knobs, deadbolts and more. We supply and service mortise locks, steel door locks, and aluminum/glass door locks. Just some of the locks and lock systems we provide are: